Here is something to look forward to.

Although it is a little way ahead at the moment. Your committee has a confirmed date with the band for Saturday 14th May 2022 in Liskeard Public Hall for the 30th Anniversary of the branch.

Dancing to Sandy Nixon’s Band. Details of catering arrangements and the Dancing programme will be available nearer the date. When it will be possible to make a booking for the event.

Dancing in 2021

Unfortunately the 2021 Newquay Residential Weekend has had to be cancelled. The committee has also looked at alternative dates for the 30th anniversary later in 2021, than the planned date of Saturday  15th May.

Sadly we believe that July and August would still be too soon to be confident of holding an event at an inside venue. Later dates in the Autumn and Winter would clash with other events. We are therefore, reluctantly postponing the 30th anniversary until the 14th May 2022. We are hoping to run the Newquay Residential Weekend  during March 2022. The proposed dates are still to be confirmed.

There is some good news for this year though. We are looking at planning two outdoor events. One in  the west at Cubert Village hall, in early July, which has an adjacent outside space and one in the east at Harrow Barrow, in early August.


Check back here in the future for confirmed dates and other updates.

The “Cornish Hospitality” Project 2019

Spring 2019 saw us running a series of workshops to learn 6 of the dances from our new book of dances “Cornish Hospitality”. The ultimate aim of the workshops was to produce a video of each dance that could be used together with the full instructions and dance diagrams to learn the dances.

The dances chosen were Cornish Hospitality, Tandem to Anvil, Carrick Castles, PZ40, The Lass from Brittany and Mrs Carmichael of Okataina.

To help show the patterns of the dance each couple wears a different coloured top.

This project has been a success for many reasons; the main one being dancers from the length of Cornwall (Liskeard in the East down to Penzance in the West over 60 miles between each group) came to together to enjoy and improve their dancing and to dance with each other, something we do not have an opportunity to do very frequently.

A second series of practices commenced on 7th November 2019 resulting in the video recording of Crossing the Brook, the Burdens of Bude and The Ballemuir Strathspey

A final series of workshops will be planned when the Coroavirus pandemic is over. So that we can film the remaining 3 dances for the book


Buy the book and also see the videoes