Core Dances 2018-2019

Cornwall RSCDS Core Dances 2018/19      Cribs & Diagrams

Please note that clicking on any diagram will take you to a YouTube video of that dance.

Each year the Cornwall Branch Committee with teacher input agrees a set of 12 dances; 4 Jigs, 4 Reels and 4 Strathspeys, to be taught in class between September and June of that year.

The Scottish Dance groups in Cornwall are encouraged to include at least 3 of these dances on any social dance programme they devise. The core dances include old favourites, a range of different formations and usually one or two dances from one of the latest RSCDS books.

Having Core dances hopefully encourages the less experienced dancers to come to a dance and enjoy the evening knowing that they can attempt several of the dances on the programme.

CITY OF STIRLING REEL  (R8x32)  3C (4C set)                                         Roy Goldring

1- 8     1s+2s+3s dance Snowball Grand Chain (1s+2s change places on sides to start).  (3)(1)(2)
9-16    1s cross (pass RSh) & 1/2 turn RH person in 3rd corner, 1s followed by corners change
     places (diag) passing LSh & 1s cast to 2nd place (opp sides) as corners end in original
17-24   1s cross (pass LSh) & 1/2 turn LH person in 4th corner, 1s followed by corners change
      places (diag) passing RSh & 1s cast to 2nd place (opp sides) as corners end in original
       places.  2(1)3
25-32   All turn RH (4 bars) & 1s dance 1/2 Figs of 8 (Lady up & Man down)

DUMBARTON DRUMS (R8x32) 3C (4C set)                               T Wilson RSCDS Bk 5
1- 8       1s dance RSh reels on own sides
9-16      1s lead down the middle & back to top
17-24    1s+2s dance Allemande 1s end with Lady between 2s facing down & Man between
      3s facing up
25-32   All set twice 1s turning to left to 2nd place own sides (reverse petronella turn)
    all set twice

THE MISSING TURN  (R8x32)  3C (4C set)                         C Williams  RSCDS Bk 46

1- 8     1s turn RH & cast 1 place, turn LH 1.1/4 times to end 1L between 2s, 1M between 3s
9-16    1s dance LSh reels of 3 across with 2s/3s curving round to end LSh to LSh (1L facing up)
     in middle
17-24   1s dance up/down & cast left to 2nd place opposite sides while 2s+3s dance 1/2 R&L
      (RH on sides to start), 1s turn LH. (3)(1)(2)
25-32   3s+1s+2s Set+Link twice

REST AND BE THANKFUL  (R8x32)  3C (4C set)                                   Grampian Coll

1- 8     1s cross RH & cast 1 place, cross LH & cast (Lady up & Man down) to meet 1st corners
     in prom hold
9-16    1s+1st corner dance 1/2 way round behind 2nd corner to 3rd corner while 2nd corners
    Adv+Ret, 1s leave 1st corners &  turn LH to meet 2nd corners in prom hold (1st corners
    now in diag opp place)
17-24   1s dance with 2nd corner person 1/2 way round to 4th corner while 1st corners
     Adv+Ret, 1s leave 2nd corners & turn LH to face 1st corner (pstn)
25-32   1s dance 1/2 diagonal Reel of 4 with 1st corners & 1/2 Reel with 2nd corners to end
     on own sides 2nd place

THE IMMIGRANT LASS  (J4x32)  4C set                                  Morton Jay  RSCDS Bk 39

1- 8     1s+2s turn 1.1/2 times RH, 1s+2s dance RH across to end opp sides while 3s+4s now
    turn 11/2 times RH (3s+4s start 4 bars behind 1s+2s)
9-16    1s+2s dance 1/2 R&L while 3s+4s dance RH across, 1s+3s (centre couples) dance 1/2
17-24   3s+1s dance full Ladies’ Chain
25-32   1s+4s lead up for 3 bars & 1/2 turn partner (Lady under Man’s arm), 4s lead down to
     bottom & cast to 3rd place as 1s dance down to bottom

192 MILES HOME  (J4x48)  Sq Set                                     Katy Sweetman  RSCDS Bk 50

Note: All turns with Elbow Grip – RE=Right Elbow, LE=Left Elbow
Part A
1- 8     1s NHJ dance between 3s, separate, cast into centre & dance out between 2s/4s back to
     place (1M between 2s, 1L between 4s)
9-16    1s turn RE, turn corners LE, 1s turn RE, 1M+2M also 1L+4L turn LE
17-24   1s turn RE, 1M+3L also 1L+3M turn LE.  1s dance to original places facing out, set & turn
     inwards to face partner
Part B
1- 4     Men pass LSh dancing to Right into next Lady’s place, face out while Ladies cast to
     partner’s place & face in.  All turn corner (dancer on Left) LE to finish NHJ with corner
     facing in
5- 8     All Advance with corner & Men Retire with Lady on Left
9-12    Ladies pass LSh dancing to Right into next Lady’s place, face out while Men cast to next
    Man’s place & face in.  All turn corner (dancer on Left) LE to finish NHJ with corner
    facing in
13-16   All Advance with corner & Men Retire with partner to new position
      (1 place round anticlockwise)
17-24   All circle 8H round & back
Note: bars 1-2 & 9-10 of Part B resemble 2 bars of Schiehallion Reel

C’EST L’AMOUR  (The Flirt)  (J8x32) 3C (4C set)                                          RSCDS Bk 34

1- 8     1L casts 1 place & sets, casts to 3rd place & sets
9-16    1s cast up/down to 2nd place & set, 1L casts up into middle facing down while 1M casts
    down 1 place into middle facing up & both set
17-24   1s circle 3H round & back (Lady with 2s & Man with 3s) ending facing 2s/3s (2s facing
      up & 3s down)
25-32   1s+2s+3s set, 1s dance under arches made by 2s/3s to 2nd place own sides & 2s+1s+3s
       turn RH

THE ROSELATH CROSS  (J8x32)  3C (4C set)                            H Vosper  RSCDS Bk 41

1- 8     1s+2s+3s dance reflection reels of 3 on sides (1s dance in & down to start) & end with 1s
     in 2nd pl BtoB facing own sides & 2s in 1st pl
9-16    2s+1s+3s set, 1s 1/4 turn to right & set with 2s+3s (as Crown Triangles), 1s dance RSh
     round RH crnr into middle BtoB facing opp sides
17-24   Repeat from new positions 1s ending in 2nd place own sides
25-32   1s dance reels of 3 across (Lady with 2s & Man with 3s)

THE DUCHESS TREE  (S8x32)  3C (4C set)                              John Drewry  Brodie Bk

1- 8     Reels of 3 on sides
Start:  1s dance in & cast, 2s cross up LH & 3s dance in, join NH facing down and cast up.
     All take hands where possible.
End:  2s in 2nd places opp side, 1s & 3s end in middle, 1s NHJ facing down & 3s NHJ
    facing up
9-16    All set, circle left for 2 bars, Men turn Lady on right 2H once round & continue
    circle to places
17-24   1s+2s dance RH across & end facing up, 1s cast 1 place & lead up while 2s lead
       up crossing & cast 1 place
25-32   1s+2s dance Allemande

FAR NORTH QUEENSLAND  (S5x32)  5C set John Brenchley  The Other Kangaroo Paw

1- 4     1s+ 5s cross RH & cast down/up 1 place (2s+4s step up/down)
5- 8     1M+2s  also 1L+3s+5M also 5L+4s dance circles round to Left.  1s+5s end in middle facing
    partners (Men facing down, Ladies facing up)
9-16    1s+5s set, dance 1/2 reel of 4, set advancing to partners, pass LSh to face 2nd corner
17-24   1s+5s dance 1/2 diag. reel of 4 with 2nd corners, turn LH to face 1st corner positions,
     dance 1/2 diag. reel of 4 with 1st corners, turn LH to face 4th corner positions (partner’s
     2nd corner position)
25-32   1s+5s dance 1/2 diag. reel of 4 with 4th corners, turn LH to face out on own sides, cast
      1 place
     (3s+2s step up 31-32)    4 3 5 2 1

MONADH LIATH  (S8x32)  3C (4C set)                                     John Drewry  Bankhead Bk 6

1- 8     1s+2s set, 1s 1/2 turn RH moving down as 2s cast up, 1s set & turn LH to Bal-in-Line with
     1st corners
9-12    1s+1st corners HS Bal-in-Line : –
   With hands joined as for normal balancing in line all dance 1st bar of Highland schottische
   with right foot. Centre couple drop left hands & all move to right joining LH with crnrs
    (under their RH) then drop RH & crnrs join right hands in centre. All repeat HS with left
    foot & drop hands in centre, all move to left to bring original centre couple into centre to
    face corners
13-16   1s+1st corners dance 1/2 diagonal reel of 4 1s end ready to Bal-in-Line with 2nd corners
17-24   1s+2nd corners HS Bal-in-Line & dance 1/2 diagonal reel of 4
25-32   1s turn LH in middle to end Lady facing 2s & Man 3s while corners dance round
     clockwise to own corners, 1L+2s & 1M+3s dance RH across

ORWELL LODGE STRATHSPEY  (S3x32)  3C set  Ian Brockbank  QE Diamond Jubilee Dances

1- 8     1s+2s dance the Knot  & 1s end facing 1st corners
9-16    1s dance 1/2 diagonal reel with 1st corners & pass RSh to face 2nd corners, 1s dance 1/2
    diagonal reel with 2nd corners & end 2nd place opp sides
17-24   All set & corner persons cast clockwise 1 place as 1s petronella turn into middle, repeat
     bars 17-20 with 1s ending 2nd place own sides
25-32   All set & turn partners 2H, 1s+3s dance 1/2 Diagonal Poussette.  2 3 1